Our Student Data

Beat the looming student search cliff with our exclusive student data.

As online testing grows in popularity, students must opt in to make their data available to schools. These changes will cause a 40% decrease in the number of records some sources will have.

Couple this with the decline in student population over the past few years, and many colleges will see a 50% decline in the number of records available for their recruitment efforts.

To compensate for the massive decrease in available records, you’ll need to diversify your recruiting sources. At CBSS, we supply student recruitment data to colleges nationwide, ranging from large public institutions to small private ones.

Our exclusive student data can provide the full profile you need to reach students across online and offline channels. And since our data isn’t collected through standardized tests, it won’t be limited by the shift to online testing and the looming student data cliff.

Engage with new student audiences.

High School Recruitment Data

Reach high school students now and stay top-of-mind as they begin their journey from high school to college.

Because we secure our high school recruitment data from exclusive sources, including a proprietary national survey, this data is clean, reliable, and won’t be limited by the shift to online testing. Plus, our data can help you reach high school freshmen and sophomores who have not yet taken standardized tests.

With our data, you can search for high school students by class year, GPA, educational interests, and more. So, you can improve your recruitment efforts by connecting with the students who are most likely to enroll in your program or institution.

Transfer Student Prosect Data

Identify transfer prospects by state or by the community college they’re attending.

CBSS transfer student data enables you to reach students from the community colleges from which you’ve historically had the best yield—or schools where you’d like to increase your exposure. This allows you to target students that are likely to consider attending your institution.

Hard-To-Reach Student Audiences

For a variety of reasons, some students won’t have supplied their information through standardized tests. CBSS can help you reach niche, hard-to-reach student audiences like:

  • Adult learners
  • Late test-takers
  • Online test-takers
  • School-day test-takers
  • Students interested in trade schools
  • Students who opt out of standardized tests

A large part of the student records we collect are from underserved groups and areas, making reaching the exact student profiles you wish to target easy.

At CBSS, it’s our mission to give you the data you need to recruit students. We hold 30-40% of the unique student recruitment records in the industry, and our data won’t be restricted by the switch to online testing.

Within our database, you can search for students who fit the exact profile you target. Filter by:


Type of College




…and more!



We’ll deliver the records that match your specifications, allow you to load them into your CRM, and dedupe them against your other sources. The best part: you only pay for the student records that are new to your audience pool.

Contact us to learn how we can help you thrive in the changing industry.

Collecting Clean & Accurate Data

CBSS’s full-profile student data is powered by a proprietary survey distributed in thousands of high schools nationwide, as well as an engaging online student platform, StudyLab. Both are managed by our partner, Student Research Group.

The survey is:

  • Conducted nationwide for 9th to 12th-grade students.
  • Fully opt-in so students have full knowledge that information will be used for educational recruitment.
  • Distributed multiple times annually and used for regular database updates.
  • Used to develop filter criteria in your search to identify the exact types of students you seek.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is data collected?

Our national database of 175 million high school students, college students, young adults, and parents is collected from some of the following sources: a proprietary survey distributed in high schools, educational websites, public record information, and college directories.

How much does data cost?

With CBSS, you only pay for records that are new to your database. We believe that great data results in higher response and a better R.O.I. Get in contact with us to learn more about our pricing.

How often is data cleaned?

The database is updated daily and cleansed monthly. Each month the data is passed through our hygiene process which includes CASS certification, LACS, DSF2, NCOA, address standardization, deceased suppression, prison suppression, and underage suppression.