Find and reach students with our exclusive student data and digital targeting solutions.

Our exclusive student data can provide the full profile you need to reach students across channels.

High School Recruitment Data

Search for high school students by class year, GPA, educational interests, and more.

Transfer Student Prospect Data

Identify transfer prospects by state, the community college they’re attending, and more.

Hard-To-Reach Student Data

Reach adult learners, late test-takers, and students who opted out of standardized tests.
Fueling your enrollment efforts with student records isn’t all we do! CBSS offers a variety of student recruitment solutions that help you reach students across online and offline channels—helping to increase inquiries and enrollment at your institution.

Here’s how we can help you recruit your next incoming class.

Whether you want to enhance your recruitment strategies, improve enrollment, or gain a competitive advantage, our team is ready to help.

Exclusive Student Data

Our accurate, comprehensive student data provides access to unique student recruitment records and won’t be limited by the shift to online testing and the looming student data cliff.

Top-Notch Digital Targeting

Our cutting-edge digital targeting helps you connect with your desired students where they are: on their cell phones, social media platforms, and other devices.

Tailored Solutions & Expert Service

We know that every college has unique needs. Our representatives can suggest personalized solutions that align with your goals.


What do our customers say about our services?

"Xavier's attention to detail and prompt follow-up have been invaluable. He maintains a professional demeanor and consistently delivers outstanding customer support. Xavier excels in promoting CBSS's additional products in a manner that is both helpful and considerate, never coming across as overly sales-oriented. His approach stands in stark contrast to other vendors we've worked with, and I always look forward to our interactions. Willamette has seen three strong admissions cycles due at least in part to the collaboration with CBSS and Xavier."

Willamette University

"Lawrence Technological University has worked with CBSS for more than 21 years, and in that time, we have been very pleased with the level of service the company provides in helping us reach our target markets. In terms of outcomes, CBSS has consistently delivered tangible results that have positively impacted our University. From the de-duping pricing structure to speed of delivery, CBSS has proved to be a successful tool in helping us shape our class year after year. Their expertise, dedication, and results-oriented approach make them an invaluable partner for any organization."

Lawrence Technical University

"I was under the impression that College Board could fully meet my needs. When the SAT went online, I started to open up to other ideas to build my funnel. Thanks to Riley, CBSS is the first additional vendor we are adding to help us build our funnel. It turns out more than 80% of the CBSS list (40,000+ contacts) were unique! I'm happy to have a larger funnel, and I never would have known without Riley's clear and concise budget-friendly approach to me."

Northeastern Illinois University

"CBSS assists in navigating our prospective first year student purchases for our regional campus system. Based on how we are organized, CBSS took time to learn about our structure as well as what our goals are, and offered recommendations for how we could best work towards those goals. In both cases of our transfer and regional campus partnerships, your guidance has allowed us to build a trusting relationship that has allowed for expanded marketing efforts."

Ohio State University

"We have been extremely pleased with the unmatched level of service and accuracy in the data provided by the CBSS team. This data has enabled our university to reach our strategic target markets ranging from traditional prospects in high school to adult learners throughout the United States. CBSS continues to be a proven partner in our enrollment management and student recruitment initiatives year after year. CBSS provides solutions that meet our specific needs to ensure a solid return on our investment."

Cleary University

"You have been instrumental with assisting Manor College in conducting a thorough and successful student search. Your staff is responsive and helpful and works to ensure they understand our needs and respond accordingly. Manor College has worked with College Bound Selection Service for several years, and we look forward to continuing this partnership."

Manor College