Reach Students Online

Our precise targeting solutions help colleges reach students online

Target Students by Location

Gain a better presence in the high schools and community colleges you draw from.

We digitally mapped high schools and community college campuses throughout the nation to make reaching students easy and effective.

Utilize IP-Targeting Capabilities

Reach students on their digital devices with our
IP-targeted digital marketing solutions.

Reach every screen in the household with accuracy and precision. This enables you to reach your target students, as well as their parents and siblings.

How Location-Based Targeting Works:

Location-based targeting uses the latest geofencing technology to draw virtual borders around high school and community college areas, within 3 feet of each building or area. Once the geofenced map is created, the unique device IDs from the phones and digital devices present in these specific areas are identified and enabled for digital targeting. And because we’ve been in the business for 30+ years, we’ve built impression workbooks for nearly every high school and community college in the nation!

We then deliver your digital ads via available placements online—such as the websites, apps, and games that your target students are visiting—to the devices present at your target schools and can reach those students even after they leave campus. This is a great way to increase your visibility at schools that historically feed your enrollment. And, this process can connect you to students at hand-selected high schools or community colleges where you see a potential for interest and enrollment.

If you’re struggling with your enrollment numbers, location-based targeting is a great solution. Contact us today to learn how CBSS can help you engage the right prospects.

How IP-Targeting Works

IP Targeting matches student names and home addresses with household IP addresses and identifies all connected devices within the home. This enables colleges to target student and parent phones and tablets wherever they go with engaging display ads on their favorite websites, apps, and games.

We can also track impressions served and clicks. Since these students are already in your CRM or funnel, you can easily measure conversion (which is typically hard to do through digital).

Layering IP-Targeted Digital Display Ads on top of your email marketing and direct mail efforts will give you additional touchpoints—increasing response rates, turning incomplete applications into completed ones, and converting prospects into inquiries!

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