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Reach students with pinpoint accuracy

Polygon Targeted Digital Ads

Identify new community college volume and interest before sending your staff on-site. Find prospect interest at 2 year schools!

How it works:

  • Display ads can be sent to transfer prospects found inside community college
  • Precision polygons are built around targeted community colleges with a 3-foot diameter around each campus building
  • Unique visits & max impressions are identified and your ad is displayed to their mobile device
  • Your strong “call-to-action” allows them to take the next step in the process
  • Inquires are sent to your website or landing page
  • Follow-up reports will be sent to you showing prospects on your campus

Enhance email & direct mail outreach by reinforcing brand visibility and awareness.

IP-Targeted Digital Ads

Grow your brand with 0% wasted budget!

How it works:

  • Locates IP entry point to prospect’s household
  • Your digital display ad can then be sent to any WiFi connected device in the home
  • Communicate directly with prospects, parents, influencers and decision-makers in the household or on-the-go.

Append IP-addresses to your data purchase and increase your brand equity with display ads.

Use for recruitment, open-house and event notifications to inspire students to complete college or financial aid applications.

IP-targeted ads can be used for undergrad, transfer, military/veteran, non-traditional or alumni outreach!


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