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As a leading provider in unique student data for college recruitment, we supply the full-profile data you need at the lowest cost-per-name!

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Unique high school data

Get the data that matches the exact parameters you use to define your target students

Only pay for the unique data you receive after de-duplicating the data from other sources

We will suppress any prior orders you have made with us and send only net names



digital advertising

Polygon-Targeted Digital Ads: Identify 2-year school students and send ads to drive them to generate traffic to your website

IP-Targeted Digital Display Ads: Communicate directly with prospects & parents on their mobile phones


Locate Transfer prospects in specific areas

Reach Adult Learners who are interested in undergrad or graduate degrees

Get in touch with respected Military & Veteran prospects

Find the missing piece!

With our precise student data, you can reach high school students through targeted print and digital communication. Find students by:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Class Year
  • GPA
  • Educational Interests
  • and more

Our high school data is clean, reliable and the lowest cost per name in the industry! 

Reach students with digital advertising

Pinpoint students the smart way, only with CBSS!

Polygon-Targeted Digital Ads 

Identify 2-year school students and send ads to drive them to generate traffic to your website

IP-Targeted Digital Display Ads

Communicate directly with prospects & parents on their mobile phones.

Get in touch with prospects

Reaching highly sought-after prospects can be difficult. CBSS makes it easy! Our database provides data for many unique prospects including:

  • Transfer prospects
  • Adult learners
  • Military/Veteran  prospects

These prospects are ideal for online programs, degree completion and undergrad degrees! 

Targeted Digital Advertising

Enhance email and direct mail outreach by reinforcing brand visibility & awareness

Polygon Targeted ads

Precision polygons are built around targeted community colleges with a 3-foot diameter polygon built around each campus building

ip-targeted ads

Locates IP entry point to prospects household and sends a digital display ad to every WiFi connected device in the house 

“For the past 15 years, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has purchased prospective student data from CBSS. We have been very pleased with our engagement with CBSS, specifically for the ability to segment purchases which allows us to accurately target marketing efforts. I would recommend CBSS and Clayton Allan to anyone in the higher education sector who is responsible for gathering, utilizing & maximizing student recruitment data.”

Kelly Lindsay - Director of Recruitment Technology

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

“In my time at SUNY Potsdam I have worked with CBSS on and off for some special projects, and I’ve always enjoyed the experience. The results of our program were both eye opening and validating some of what we already thought. Our main contact Jim is professional, enthusiastic and just a good person to talk to. He is what sales used to be..I can’t ask for more than that!”

Thomas W. Nesbitt - Director of Undergrad Admissions

SUNY Potsdam

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